We offer at Hedley Boat Co., Inc. Your most successful fishing trip will begin at the Hedley Boat Co., home of the Fishing Rod, in Olcott, New York. We are situated at the mouth of Eighteen Mile Creek where most of the salmon are stocked in Niagara County. At our marina we have fisherman’s rooms on the harbor with docks for your own boat adjacent to our charter fleet of owner-operated boats. If down rigger trolling is your game, we can arrange half or full day charters with one of the captains. Parties of six are allowed, but we recommend four as a comfortable number. Our “Hillton” over looks the charter fleet, will accommodate nine people, and is only 50 feet from Main Street. Rates for rooms are $20.00 per night per person. Olcott provides entertainment for the whole family. Main Street boasts three restaurants – skating rink – bowling alley – a beautiful county park with beaches – baseball diamonds - tennis and basketball courts – picnic and playgrounds and even a small shopping center. The town marina offers launching ramp facilities, and ample parking. There are a number of tackle shops in town where you can purchase a fishing license. As you can see, we have much to offer the whole family. Please make reservations early. Call the Fishing Rod at (716) 778-7771 or fax (716) 778-5461 or e-mail rodhedley@hotmail.com We will arrange your rooms, charters, and / or docking. Good Fishing! The Fishing Rod ROD HEDLEY President of Hedley Boat Co. Inc. Docks and rooms for fishermen – Boat hauling and launching to 40 ft. – Charter fishing Service – Boat Sales – seasonal and daily dock rental - winter storage – Hovercraft Sales – Marine Consultant. To get to our boat yard by land. From the intersection of Route 78 & 18 in Olcott, N.Y. proceed north on Route 78 one block – turn left – go one block - turn right and go to the end of the street - turn left - you are now on Ontario Street. - at the end of the street on your right is Hedley Boat Co., Inc. Following are directions to the house where you will be staying (the “Hillton”). From the intersection of Routes 18 and 78, proceed north on 78 . At the first intersection turn left to head left on Main Street. Drive down the hill one block and bear right at the corner at the end of the street. Your destination is the first house (white with brown trim) on your left. If parking out front is not sufficient, continue north to the stop sign and turn left, this is Ontario Street. On your right is a large white warehouse. Drive to the end of the street and you will see a gate on your left, it opens by you lifting it up. Drive through, please close the gate. Turn left, drive down the end of the service road. You are now at the back of the “Hillton” which has a back door. If you are lost, please call us, or show these directions to the first native you see. We hope your journey is a safe one. Tks.
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